Mario vs Donkey Kong

Mario vs Donkey Kong

Mario vs Donkey Kong is a game that brings back the rivalry between Mario and Donkey Kong. It's a puzzle platformer where Mario has to recover stolen Mini-Mario toys from Donkey Kong. 

A Summary of The Story

In the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario has his own toy company and creates Mini-Mario action figures. They become very popular, but Donkey Kong can't find any in the stores. So he goes to the toy factory and steals all the Mini-Marios. Mario sees this and decides to chase after him to get the toys back.

After chasing Donkey Kong through different worlds, Mario makes him drop the Mini-Marios. They all laugh at Donkey Kong, but he gets angry and takes three Toads to the top of a building. Mario rescues the Toads and defeats Donkey Kong, but a truck arrives with more Mini-Marios. Donkey Kong falls onto the Mini-Marios and grabs them, and Mario chases him again.

After another chase, Donkey Kong drops more Mini-Marios, and they fight in a giant robot. Mario defeats Donkey Kong and scolds him, but Donkey Kong feels ashamed. Mario gives him a Mini-Mario to cheer him up, and they celebrate together.

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How to play

Mario vs Donkey Kong has six worlds, each with eight levels. In the first six levels of each world, Mario needs to find a key and open a door to the second half of the level. There, he finds the Mini-Mario toy that Donkey Kong dropped. If Mario gets defeated in the second half, he loses points, and his progress resets.

Each level has a time limit, and if it runs out, Mario loses a life. Mario can perform different moves like handstands and backflips. To defeat enemies, he can pick up objects and throw them. He can also collect presents for a high score and unlock bonus games for extra lives.

In the Mini-Mario levels, Mario guides the Mini-Marios back to the toy box while avoiding obstacles. This leads to a battle with Donkey Kong, where each saved Mini-Mario becomes a health point. If Mario runs out of time or loses all health points, he loses a life and has to restart the battle.

After beating the main worlds, there are "Plus" Worlds with more challenging levels. There are also "Expert" levels that require collecting stars to unlock. In these levels, if you leave or restart before completing them, you lose a life.

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