Mario World Buried Treasure

Mario World Buried Treasure

Mario World Buried Treasure is an incredibly cool fan revision of a Super Mario game inspired by the Indiana Jones movies and the theme of lost treasure. It's so fun that even Mario himself is dressed like Indiana Jones, adding a touch of humor to the adventure. The game takes place in a desert setting, where Mario embarks on a quest to find a legendary treasure that has been lost for ages. Help Mario on his mission, as the riches he discovers can be used to benefit the Mushroom Kingdom!


Mario World Buried Treasure introduces a new version of Super Mario, where our hero finds himself trapped in a dangerous desert. He must face new types of enemies and overcome various unknown challenges. Mario dons a new outfit and learns some fresh moves to tackle the adventure head-on. Get ready for the most thrilling quest of your life as you assist the brave plumber in exploring the treacherous sands in search of the buried treasure.

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How to play

  • Arrow Keys: Directions
  • Enter: Start
  • Shift: Select
  • Z: A
  • X: B
  • A: X
  • S: Y
  • Q: L
  • E: R
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