Drift 3
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Crossy Road 2 2 2 is a game where you have to capture as much territory as you can. Paint the map with your own colors to take over the world. Pay attention to other players competing for your space. Are you ready? Join 2 right now!


  • Real-time online matches against other players 
  • Custom skins to define your own image. 
  • Exciting and enjoyable game.

How to play

Player: Use the mouse to move around and overlay your color on the map. Glide through other players' paint and whitespace, then make a connection back to your own color to confirm that area. To control the player, you need to use WASD keys or arrow keys or move the mouse to control your snake. 

When you move outside of your color, your tail will be exposed to attack. That means other players can rush into it to wipe you out. You will constantly fight with other 2 players to regain your territory and take their territory. Good luck! 20 votes. NAN / 5
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