Pipol Smasher

Pipol Smasher

Pipol Smasher is a fun and challenging puzzle game that covers a wide variety of interesting topics. A player's objective is to eliminate all opponents by any means necessary, including manipulating the vehicles and making use of environmental features. This game features cartoon violence, and if you thought crushing people was horrible, the 'fire level' adds even more savagery. Don't let the chance to be a part of Pipol Smasher pass you by.


  • Visuals that pop in your face in three dimensions.
  • Improvements to tools and infrastructure.
  • Unlockable Advantages.
  • Methods of obtaining money that don't require any active participation.
  • An everyday incentive program.

How to play

Your participation in the challenge consists of driving a virtual automobile using the mouse. Have a prosperous day!

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