Ringo Starfish

Ringo Starfish

Set on a mystery island, Ringo Starfish is a 2D side-scrolling platformer. Come along on Ringo's treasure quest adventure! Join Ringo on a quest for hidden treasures as you navigate through intricate underwater landscapes teeming with perilous obstacles and cunning adversaries.

To thrive in this captivating escapade, remember to hone Ringo's key abilities: firepower, swimming prowess, and invincibility. Adapt your strategy as you encounter various challenges and utilize checkpoints strategically to ensure progress isn't lost.

But beware, the path to riches is fraught with dangers! From cunning traps to formidable enemies, every step forward brings new challenges. Collect crystals strewn across the island to bolster your score and enhance your chances of success.

Are you ready to join Ringo Starfish on this thrilling expedition? Dive into the depths of adventure and unravel the mysteries of the island. And if Ringo's journey leaves you craving more excitement, set sail for the enchanting realms of Fruit Adventure for another delightful escapade. Let the journey begin!

How to play

To navigate Ringo through this enchanting world, utilize your platforming skills with precision. Employ the arrow keys or A, D keys to move Ringo, while the W or up arrow key allows him to jump. For defense against foes, press X or J to unleash Ringo's firepower.

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