Sonic Advance

Sonic Advance

Sonic Advance stands out as an essential platform game within the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Its gameplay revolves around collecting golden rings while evading adversaries to complete each level swiftly. Notably, the game showcases enhanced level design with expansive stages.

Sonic Advance's story:

Dr. Eggman is at it again, aiming to expand his empire by capturing Animals and collecting the Chaos Emeralds for ultimate power. Sonic and his friends set out to stop him. After confronting Eggman in various Zones, they finally face off in the X-Zone. Sonic defeats Eggman, who escapes to the moon. Depending on the player's progress, Sonic is either saved by Tails or transforms into Super Sonic to defeat Eggman on the moon. Later, Tails finds Super Sonic soaring through the sky.


Gameplay revolves around completing each Act of a Zone within a ten-minute timeframe. Characters possess a standard move set akin to previous Sonic games. Supplemented by exclusive abilities for combat, speed enhancement, and traversal across Zones. Progression is automatically saved, with collected Chaos Emeralds shared among all characters.

Rings are scattered throughout Regions, serving as currency for extra lives, points, and player protection. When damaged, characters drop their Rings, some of which can be retrieved before disappearing. Hazards such as prolonged underwater exposure, falls into bottomless pits, or time depletion result in failure. Continuation from the last Checkpoint or the beginning of the Act is possible upon failure, with limited attempts.

For further thrilling adventures, Sonic Advance 2 awaits as the next unmissable installment.

How to play

Controls involve arrow keys for movement, Enter to initiate, Backspace for selection, and Z, X, A, and S keys mapped to various actions.

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