Sonic The Lost Land 2

Sonic The Lost Land 2

Are you prepared to face the trials and hurdles alongside Sonic in the thrilling escapade of Sonic The Lost Land 2? Embark now to uncover the excitement! Sonic The Lost Land 2 features 11 levels, each fraught with perilous obstacles you must conquer to thwart the schemes of the nefarious Dr. Eggman.

Sonic The Lost Land 2's story:

In the narrative of Sonic The Lost Land 2, you'll venture into the enchanting Lost Land, an island paradise once inhabited by ancient creatures. Following his previous triumph over Eggman's madness, Sonic stumbles upon a concealed segment of the Lost Lands. Regrettably, Eggman seizes this discovery and establishes a base for his next malevolent endeavor. With Shadow departed, the burden of saving the world from Eggman's machinations falls solely upon the blue hedgehog.

Sonic The Lost Land 2's gameplay:

Take control of Sonic in Sonic The Lost Land 2, navigating through hazards like spikes, traps, and various impediments while collecting scattered golden rings. Players must evade perilous hazards such as rows of spikes, bottomless pits, crushing walls or platforms, and drowning. It can be averted by replenishing Sonic's air supply with periodically released air bubbles. Sonic's primary offensive maneuver is the Spin Attack, wherein he curls into a ball and spins rapidly to dispatch foes and certain obstacles.

Scattered across each level are golden rings; amassing 100 rings grants an additional life. These rings serve as a protective barrier, ensuring Sonic's survival upon collision with enemies or dangerous terrain as long as he retains at least one ring. However, losing all rings results in their dispersal, with a brief opportunity to reclaim them before they vanish. Shields and temporary invincibility power-ups offer supplementary defense. Yet certain hazards like drowning, crushing, falling into pits, or running out of time spell Sonic's demise regardless of protective measures.

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How to play

Activate by clicking on the screen.

  • ← → ↑ ↓= Movement
  • Z= A X= B C= C
  • A= X S= Y D= Z
  • Enter = Start
  • Space = Mode
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