Sorority Fall Fashion

Sorority Fall Fashion

Unleash your fashion creativity in Sorority Fall Fashion, a captivating game for girls you won't want to miss out on. Dive into the world of autumn with fresh, unconventional, and equally chic fashion statements. Join the sorority and embark on a seasonal fashion adventure. In this game You'll play a crucial role in crafting the ideal fall wardrobe for these fashion-forward friends. Your task? Help them showcase their individuality while embracing the spirit of autumn.

Begin by giving Ariel a stunning makeover with options ranging from eyeglasses to eyeshadow, lipstick, and adorable blush. Then, delve into her wardrobe to select the perfect ensemble. Making sure to complement it with sparkling accessories and unique hairstyles. Repeat the process with Merida and Cinderella, mixing and matching outfits and accessories to suit their styles. Once you're done, gather them together and welcome the arrival of fall in style.

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How to play

To play, simply use your mouse to navigate through the game.

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