You may play Splitter, a free online collection game, at any time. Challenges in this game may be accomplished in a variety of ways, and they are presented to the player at the beginning of each level. Do you think you can devise something altogether different? Disassemble the containers to find out! Your goal is to reach the brown door and, if possible, collect the star(s) along the way.To do this, you must first physically separate the relevant items and then allow gravity to take over. Are you all set? Get started with Splitter right now!


  • Animated, bright, and in two dimensions.
  • There are a total of 25 difficult levels.
  • Superior innate intuition
  • The game has a calming effect.
  • Fun and engaging gameplay.

How to play

Players take on the task by clicking and dragging the mouse to divide the content in whichever way they see fit. Anything made of wood or with joints can be disassembled without difficulty, whereas things made of metal or brick cannot. All the best!

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