Super Mario 2D Land

Super Mario 2D Land

Super Mario 2D Land is a game where Mario embarks on a mission to rescue Princess Peach, who is trapped in Bowser's Castle. In this installment, Bowser is especially dangerous as he has enlisted the help of his troops and Captain K. Rool. Mario must navigate through various levels filled with powerful enemies and challenges to reach Bowser's Castle and save the princess.


"Help me, Mario! I'm trapped in Bowser's Castle, and Bowser is even more dangerous this time. He has hired his troops, and Captain K. Rool is aiding him. Powerful enemies are coming your way, Mario! Help me!"

Can Mario save the princess, defeat Bowser, and overcome his army? Good luck, Mario!

Game Feature

The game features several unique elements, such as the inability to defeat the Koopa Bros boss using the cape power-up. Additionally, to enter the final boss battle, Mario only needs to collect 100 Advance Coins instead of the usual 200. However, there are extra bonuses if Mario manages to collect all 205 A-Coins throughout the game.

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How to play

In terms of gameplay, the Peach Castle Level provides helpful arrows to guide Mario at the start and near the Second Mushroom House. The Mushroom House itself serves multiple purposes, acting as a save point, providing access to items, and even offering a shortcut to Peach Castle.

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