Super Mario Advance 2

Super Mario Advance 2

Super Mario Advance 2 is the second game in the Super Mario Advance series. It has some changes compared to the original game. The most noticeable change is that you can only play the game by yourself, with Luigi as an option instead of having two players.

Gameplay and Premise

In the game, you control either Mario or Luigi. You go on an adventure through Dinosaur Land to stop the evil King Bowser and his Koopalings. They have kidnapped Princess Toadstool (also known as Princess Peach) and trapped seven Yoshis in eggs. To progress through the game, you move on an overworld map that has paths connecting different areas like action panels and fortresses.

Each level is filled with obstacles and enemies. You navigate through the levels by using basic moves like running, jumping, swimming, dodging, and defeating enemies. There's also a move called the Spin Jump that is new to this game.

You can collect power-ups in the game to help you. The Super Mushroom makes Mario or Luigi bigger, the Fire Flower gives them a fireball attack, and the Starman makes them invincible. There's also the Cape Feather, which allows them to fly and attack enemies by spinning. Yoshi, the dinosaur sidekick from the original game, is also back. He can eat enemies and gain special abilities from different colored shells.

The game also introduces blue, yellow, and red Yoshis. After finding their eggs in Star World and feeding them enough enemies or objects, you can use these Yoshis in any level. Each color has its own ability, in addition to the ability of the shell they are holding.

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How to play

Use arrows to move. Press Enter to start and Shift to select.

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