Super Mario Bros World

Super Mario Bros World

Super Mario Bros World is a jump-and-run platformer and a sequel to Super Mario Bros. 3. The game follows a similar gameplay style, featuring fast-paced platforming in side-scrolling stages filled with enemies and traps. The goal is to complete each stage within time limits. 

Mario has access to classic power-ups like the Super Mushroom, which makes him bigger, and the Fire Flower, which lets him throw fireballs at enemies. There's also a new power-up called the Cape Feather, which allows Mario to spin and fly if the player can maintain balance in the air. Another new feature is the ability to ride Yoshi, a dinosaur who can eat enemies and gain special abilities from some of them. To unlock certain areas, Mario sometimes needs to pick up and carry items like keys and use them in the right places.

Super Mario Bros World’s Story

The game's story begins with Mario enjoying a vacation in Dinosaur Land. He learns that Princess Peach Toadstool has been kidnapped by the evil King Koopa Bowser. While searching for the princess, Mario encounters a giant egg from which a dinosaur named Yoshi hatches. Yoshi informs Mario that Bowser's minions have imprisoned other dinosaurs in eggs. Mario embarks on a journey to rescue the dinosaurs, defeat King Koopa, and save the princess.


Super Mario Bros World is divided into different large areas, each with multiple stages. Most stages take place outdoors, but there are also underground and underwater levels. Ghost houses, which are more challenging with non-destructible enemies and traps, can be found in each area. To advance to the next area, you usually have to complete a castle stage, which is more difficult and guarded by a boss enemy.

Secret exits are hidden throughout many stages, leading to optional areas such as fortresses with recurring boss enemies, interconnected stages in the Star World, and Switch Palaces. Switch Palaces allow you to activate colored bricks in all stages, granting access to power-ups and other secrets. Discovering secret areas may also unlock different types of dinosaurs with unique abilities, like breathing fire or flying.

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How to play

You control Mario in Super Mario Bros World and navigate through various levels, defeating enemies and avoiding obstacles. Collect power-ups to enhance Mario's abilities and utilize Yoshi's unique skills. Reach the end of each level before the time runs out to progress.

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