Team Kaboom

Team Kaboom

Join the ranks of fierce warriors in Team Kaboom, where explosions reign supreme and survival is the only option! Engage in relentless battles, blowing up enemies and honing your skills to emerge victorious.

In this action-packed shooting game, your agility and precision will be put to the test as you navigate through a barrage of enemy attacks. Stay on your toes because defeated foes will return, fiercer than ever, ready to take you down.

For those looking to dominate the battlefield, here are some pro tips: keep moving to avoid getting surrounded, prioritize distant targets to minimize incoming fire, and above all, ensure no enemy escapes, or face the consequences of their resurgence.

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How to play

Mastering the game is simple yet challenging: jump with the X key, shoot with the C key, and maneuver using the arrow keys. Your progress hinges on your ability to eliminate enemies without succumbing to their onslaught.

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