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The Household

Everyone can enjoy playing The Household, which takes place in a garden. The objective of the game is to populate your globe with a lively farm. A dolphinarium for aquatic entertainment, a campground for relaxation, and friendly chats with fantastical beasts are all possible additions. Can you say that you're prepared? Let's get The Household underway right now!

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  • Lovely 2D visuals.
  • There are numerous optional side games to play.
  • Support for several users at once.
  • The game is really engaging and is always improving.

How to play

This game is mouse-controlled. Put the money you've made towards expanding your farm by hiring more help and constructing more structures. Whenever you have the means, invest in fresh livestock for your farm; doing so will considerably increase your earnings. Protect your chickens from predators, watch your borders for strangers, and offer to assist your neighbors with their household tasks. Have fun!

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