Train Bandit

Train Bandit

Train Bandit is an immersive reflex game set in a traditional arcade environment, boasting highly addictive gameplay. Are you prepared to engage in the duel aboard a speeding train?

In Train Bandit, your objective revolves around survival and heroism. Your task is simple yet challenging: eliminate bandits with pixel art visuals as you navigate the train's rooftop. With only two actions available—left and right—the game demands precision, as any misstep could prove fatal. However, mastering the mechanics is achievable with practice.

As a fugitive evading the law, your ultimate aim is to thwart your pursuers by swiftly dispatching them from the train. Speed is of the essence; hesitation could result in your demise. Furthermore, the more adversaries you vanquish, the greater the intensity of the challenge.

Key Strategies for Players:

  • Navigate skillfully to survive; timing your jumps between train cars is crucial.
  • Prioritize eliminating sheriffs swiftly to prevent retaliation.
  • Remain vigilant for incoming bullets and adopt a strategic approach to looting, balancing between accumulating points and ensuring safety.

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How to play

  • Utilize left/right or A/D arrows for attacking.
  • Gather gold while evading bullets fired by law enforcement.
  • In endless mode, your objective is to prolong your evasion for as long as possible, pushing your survival instincts to their limits.
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