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What The Hen!

What The Hen!

A highly popular online game called What The Hen has as its subject the sorcerer's priceless chicken. To win the game, you must defeat your opponent and bring the priceless chicken back. This game has several stages, and in order to finish them, you must defeat your foes. Have you prepared? Sign up now for What the Hen!

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  • Vivid 2D visuals.
  • Engrossing and difficult gameplay.
  • various troops to summon and unlock.
  • There are many different foes to defeat.
  • To combat other players in the arena.
  • A guild attribute.
  • Many enjoyable levels to finish.

How to play

Players use the mouse to play challenges. You may improve your characters and troops as you play and gain experience. As you play, new troops will become available. After a certain number of levels are completed, the Arena and ultimately the Guild functions become available. Good fortune!

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