Dungeon Fury

Dungeon Fury

In Dungeon Fury, embark on a journey to an undisclosed realm, commanding action figures in a quest for victory. Numerous trials await as you find yourself ensnared within a perilous dungeon fraught with deadly traps, defying the very essence of adventure. Yet, summon your courage, noble warrior, for this is not the domain where heroes meet their demise. 

Recognizing the imminent peril lurking beyond these confines. Your mission is clear: locate portals within each tier to elude this abyss of unimaginable dread. With multiple levels awaiting completion, the time for action is nigh.

Navigate the treacherous labyrinth by timing your left-click to leap and evade spikes and venomous perils. Utilize the double-click for a second jump, leveraging wall bounces to alter your trajectory. Amidst your frantic flight, collect scattered coins to unlock gates and progress to subsequent levels. May fortune favor you as you strive to survive the labyrinthine depths of this dungeon!

Seemingly, danger is an unwavering companion on your odyssey. For those seeking similar adventures, consider exploring Team Kaboom. Let the games begin!

How to play

Employ the mouse to aid the character in jumping.

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