Kaizo Mario Bros 3

Kaizo Mario Bros 3

Take on the ultimate challenge with T. Takemoto's brilliantly constructed third part of the heart-pounding hack of the legendary Super Nintendo video game, Kaizo Mario World 3. Get ready for an experience that pushes the limits of challenge and convention.

Mario returns to tackle his most difficult adventure to date, one in which the conventions around level design are completely disregarded. Discover the mysteries concealed in apparently empty areas while looking for elusive bricks that are need to advance. Leap blindly into the unknown and try your luck in a place where only the courageous are afraid to walk.

Get ready to face the fury of deadly traps and fierce creatures that are waiting to claim Mario's life thousands of times. Every level's merciless difficulty will test your abilities and inventiveness to the breaking point. As you work your way through the mysteries hidden behind each block—each one a conundrum just waiting to be solved—patience becomes your best ally.

Kaizo Mario World 3 is more than just a game; it's a challenging adventure that will leave you feeling ecstatic, angry, and thirsty for more. Enter the unknown, face the difficulties, and come out on top by overcoming the perplexing barriers that Mario must overcome to reach the finish of each level. In this unmatched gaming experience, do you have what it takes to conquer chaos and win?

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How to play

To navigate through Super Mario Negative One, familiarize yourself with these controls:

  • Z = A button
  • X = B button
  • Shift = Select
  • Enter = Start
  • Arrow keys = Movement
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