Mario Around The World

Mario Around The World

Mario Around The World starts with a story where a mysterious cloud appears over the Mushroom Kingdom and kidnaps Princess Peach. Mario learns from one of the Toads that Wario is responsible for the kidnapping, so he sets off on a mission to rescue the Princess.

Levels and Enemies

The game consists of a total of 22 levels, with 11 levels having an Egyptian theme, 6 levels with an Aztec theme, and 5 levels with an Arctic theme. Some of the pipes in the game lead to underground areas, allowing players to skip parts of a level. The enemies you encounter include familiar ones like Goombas and Koopas. There are also Piranha Plants (yellow and without stems) and Flurries from Super Mario Bros. 2, but they behave like Goombas. Pile Driver Micro-Goombas are present as well, but they stay in one place instead of jumping. Nipper Plants are also featured, functioning like the original Piranha Plants. The only new enemy is a white rhino-like creature that stands on its hind legs and acts like a Goomba.

Interesting Facts about Mario Around The World
  1. The game contains a hidden song called Alone Coder's Ne4to Strrrrashnoe! in its files, but it is not played during gameplay, and its purpose is unknown.
  2. Some emulators, like Gens and BizHawk, have a glitch where the music stops for a second when hitting a brick block. The music may then get stuck in one spot unless you die. However, in Kega Fusion emulator, this glitch doesn't occur, although the music may distort slightly.
  3. If you play the game on an At Games Sega Genesis Ultimate Portable Game Player, it may lag or have performance issues. This problem is also present in another game called Mario 4: A Space Odyssey.
  4. The Game Over Screen in Mario Around The World is very similar to the Title Screen, but the background around the castle is black.

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How to play

The gameplay in Mario Around The World is simplified and has some quirks. Mario's controls are similar to his original games: A button is used to run, and B button is used to jump. However, instead of using the same button to run and throw fireballs, throwing fireballs is assigned to a different button called C. The power-ups in the game are limited to Super Mushrooms, which don't make Mario grow bigger, and Fire Flowers, which don't change his clothes' color. To gain extra lives, the player needs to collect 100 coins, like in other Mario games. 

Jumping in this game is a bit strange; holding the B button makes Mario jump higher, but letting go of the button causes him to drop automatically. Mario also doesn't follow normal gravity rules; he jumps up at a specific speed and falls faster. There's also a lack of friction when Mario stops walking or running; he will continue to move for a bit if he has been moving for a while, or he will stop abruptly if he has only moved a short distance. Running acts more like a toggle and simply increases Mario's speed on the ground.

Sometimes, when respawning after losing a life, the game may place Mario inside the ground instead of on top of it.

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