Sonic 2 Pink Edition

Sonic 2 Pink Edition

Embark on a thrilling journey alongside an adorable pink character in Sonic 2 Pink Edition. Get ready to dive into the action!

In Sonic 2 Pink Edition, players won't be guiding the iconic Sonic character; instead, they'll take control of the incredibly cute pink Amy. Amy's abilities closely resemble those seen in the Sonic Advance series. While she may not match Sonic's speed and lacks spinning attacks, Amy compensates with a range of maneuvers, enabling her to navigate tricky terrain and access hard-to-reach areas.

Assist Amy Rose and the charming pink Creamy the Rabbit as they speed through familiar levels from classic Sonic 2 with finesse and style! Blaze through stages at breakneck pace, swiftly gathering golden rings, and switch to attack mode to vanquish enemies. The minions of the nefarious Dr. Robotnik, in the sensational Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Pink Edition! Join forces with this dynamic duo to thwart the evil doctor's plans!

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How to play

  • Hammer Attack: Press A to unleash Amy's hammer swing, dealing damage to foes. Additionally, Amy can employ her hammer to smash through barriers like walls and activate springs.
  • Hammer Jump: Press down + A while on the ground to execute a hammer smash, propelling Amy into the air.
  • Hammer Whirl: While airborne, press Down + A to perform a spinning descent. Striking an enemy grants Amy a bounce-back boost.
  • Up Dash: Hold Up + B/C on the ground to initiate a spinning move instead of a conventional jump. Release the down button to thrust in the opposite direction. But beware; Amy is vulnerable to obstacles and foes.
  • Giant Steps: While grounded, press Down + B/C to take a sizable stride forward, an alternative to dashing.
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