Sonic 3D Blast

Sonic 3D Blast

Join Sonic on his quest to liberate the enslaved Flickies from the clutches of Doctor Robotnik in Sonic 3D Blast. Will you join this adventure?

In Sonic 3D Blast's narrative, Doctor Robotnik stumbles upon the Flickies, a peculiar bird species residing in an alternate dimension. Recognizing their ability to traverse through dimensional rings, he enslaves them by mechanizing them to aid in his search for the Chaos Emeralds. Sonic arrives on the scene, confronting Robotnik and assuming the responsibility of saving the Flickies while thwarting his adversaries.

Venture across the island alongside Sonic, rescuing Flickies and engaging in confrontations with Robotnik and his array of mechanical contraptions. Collect all seven Chaos Emeralds to unlock a showdown within the ominous void, where Sonic faces off against Robotnik controlling a formidable robot. Failure to gather the Emeralds allows Robotnik to evade capture.

In terms of gameplay, Sonic 3D Blast requires players to guide Sonic through diverse themed levels, gathering Flickies and battling Robotnik. The game comprises multiple zones, each featuring three acts: two standard levels involving Flicky retrieval and defeating robots, and a boss encounter against Robotnik. The behavior of individual Flickies varies based on their color. With blue, pink, and orange ones actively seeking Sonic, while green and red ones wander aimlessly. With the latter even exhibiting erratic jumping patterns, posing a greater challenge to capture.

Starting with four lives, Sonic loses a life upon getting hit without Flickies or rings in his possession. Depletion of all lives results in a game over, although lives can be replenished by collecting medals. Additionally, special stages offer opportunities to gather Chaos Emeralds, pivotal for unlocking the final boss battle and unveiling the game's true conclusion.

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How to play

  • Arrow keys: Movement
  • Z key: Button A
  • X key: Button B
  • Space: Select
  • Enter: Start
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