Sonic Next

Sonic Next

Dive into an electrifying journey of speed and excitement in Sonic Next! Follow Sonic and his companions in this thrilling modification of the classic Sonic the Hedgehog game. Prepare to sprint, leap, and combat your way through dynamic levels packed with hurdles and tests.

Pick from three renowned characters, each with their distinct abilities and starting points. Partner up with another character to double the enjoyment and enrich your gaming experience. With four gripping levels to master, including Wave Ocean, Aquatic Base, Kingdom Valley, and Crisis City, the thrill never ceases.

But exercise caution, as each level is defended by formidable adversaries and perilous hazards. Only the quickest and most adept players will emerge triumphant! And be prepared for the ultimate showdown against the game's boss, where your speed and dexterity will be thoroughly tested.

Join Sonic in this monumental journey and conquer the trials that lie ahead! Extend the excitement with other captivating Sonic escapades such as Sonic Streets Of Rage 3, Sonic Burned Edition, and Sonic the Hedgehog SNES. Let the gaming festivities commence!

How to play

Prepare to encounter the next phase of Sonic adventure with Sonic Next! Utilize your arrow keys for navigation, A and S for unleashing attacks, and Q and W for rapid-fire action. Hit Enter to commence and Spacebar to select. 

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