Sonic Streets Of Rage 3

Sonic Streets Of Rage 3

In Sonic Streets Of Rage 3, roam the city streets, battling villains attempting to seize control alongside Sonic. Brace yourself for an all-new confrontation! Developed and published by Sega, Sonic Streets Of Rage 3 is a side-scrolling action game, marking the culmination of the original trilogy. As with its predecessors, this installment features up to two players combating hordes of adversaries. Players can select from familiar faces like Axel, Blaze, and Skate. As well as the new addition, Dr. Zan, a robotic character capable of converting collected weapons into energy balls automatically.

Sonic Streets Of Rage 3's story:

The narrative unfolds as crime lord Mr. X establishes the RoboCy Corporation to mask his illicit activities. Collaborating with renowned robot maker Dr. Dahm, Mr. X aims to replace key figures in Wood Oak City with lifelike robots. Dr. Zan uncovers the Syndicate's true agenda and seeks assistance from Blaze Fielding. Together with Axel Stone and Eddie "Skate" Hunter, they form a task force to dismantle the Syndicate. Depending on the difficulty level and completion time of specific levels, players can unlock one of four endings.


Returning from previous titles are Axel Stone, Blaze Fielding, and Eddie "Skate" Hunter, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Dr. Zan replaces Max, gaining the ability to transform collected weapons into energy balls. Adam makes a cameo appearance in the story, while Max appears only in the "good" ending.

Game play: 

Gameplay closely resembles that of Streets of Rage 2, with some enhancements. All characters can now run and execute vertical dodges and rolls. Lightning attacks can be upgraded in subsequent playthroughs, and special attacks no longer deplete health when the corresponding meter is full. Additionally, certain weapons feature unique special attacks, although secret characters like Shiva, Roo/Victy, and Ash cannot wield weapons.

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How to play

Control instructions are as follows:

  • Arrow keys: Movement
  • Spacebar: Enter mode or initiate
  • "Z" key: A
  • "X" key: B
  • "C" key: C or A
  • "S" key: Y
  • "D" key: Z
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