Sonic Gaiden

Sonic Gaiden

Experience the ultimate Sonic adventure like never before in Sonic Gaiden! Take control of either Sonic the Hedgehog or Mighty the Armadillo as you embark on a thrilling journey through challenging levels filled with excitement and danger.

Sonic Gaiden brings back the nostalgia of the classic Sonic Sega game with a twist. Choose your character wisely, as each possesses unique special abilities that can aid you in overcoming obstacles and speeding through levels. Whether you prefer Sonic's lightning-fast speed or Mighty's powerful moves, the choice is yours!

Your mission remains true to the essence of Sonic: collect Golden Rings scattered throughout the levels and race against time to reach the finish line. But beware, as each level presents its own set of challenges and traps that will test your skills and reflexes to the limit.

Featuring enhanced level layouts and improved graphics, Sonic Gaiden offers a fresh take on the beloved classic. Get ready to dive into the action-packed world of Sonic like never before!

Get ready for a pumping experience and see if you have what it takes to conquer Sonic Gaiden! For those hooked on Sonic Gaiden, don't miss Sonic 2 Pink Edition and Sonic 3D Blast for more exhilarating adventures. Keep the thrill alive!

How to play

Activate your controls by clicking inside the screen and gearing up to unleash Sonic or Mighty's full potential:


  • Arrow keys: Movement
  • Space: Enter mode or begin
  • "Z" key: A key
  • "X" key: B key
  • "C" key: C key or A key
  • "S" key: Y key
  • "D" key: Z key
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