Super Mario Advance 3 Yoshi's Island

Super Mario Advance 3 Yoshi's Island

Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island is a remake of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island for the Game Boy Advance, marking Nintendo's final development of a Yoshi platform game.

Gameplay involves maneuvering Yoshi with the Game Boy Advance's Pad. Tilting the Pad up makes Yoshi gaze skyward, subtly shifting the screen upward. Pressing down causes Yoshi to crouch, with the screen returning to its original position if it had moved up. Jumping is executed with the A button, and holding it allows Yoshi to leap continuously. Pressing B prompts Yoshi to use his tongue to consume enemies; pressing B again makes him spit the enemy out, and pressing down on the Pad allows him to swallow the enemy, creating an egg. Pressing R while holding the egg activates the target reticle, and pressing R again hurls the egg. L locks the reticle's position, and B cancels it. The "Start" button brings up a pause menu, while "Select" displays the player's current score, highest score achieved on that level, and collected items from mini-games.

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Key Characters:
  • Yoshi
  • Baby Mario
  • Baby Luigi
  • Kamek
  • Baby Bowser
  • Poochy

How to play

Controls for the game are as follows:

  • Arrow Keys: Movement
  • Space Key: Select
  • Enter Key: Start
  • "Z" Key: A
  • "X" Key: B
  • "A" Key: X
  • "S" Key: Y
  • "D" Key: L
  • "C" Key: R
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