Marios Time Machine

Marios Time Machine

Let's get started on an adventure alongside Mario in Mario's Time Machine, as you delve into Bowser's museum to recover ancient artifacts. Travel through time, aiding Mario in reclaiming historical items that Bowser has pilfered and restoring the fabric of history in this educational game. Assume the role of the plumber extraordinaire. Employing a time machine to return stolen artifacts to their rightful places and eras.

Mario's Time Machine story:

Bowser has created the Timulator, a device enabling him to traverse historical periods and snatch valuable artifacts for his museum. Mario and Yoshi intervene, aiming to thwart Bowser's plans before irreversible changes occur in history. Upon reaching the museum, Yoshi is swiftly captured, compelling Mario to retrieve the artifacts and rescue his friend.

Game play:

The gameplay unfolds as Mario explores Bowser's museum, encountering seven doors leading to rooms inspired by Mario Bros. In each room, Mario must vanquish three Koopas to secure an artifact. Utilizing the Simulator, he selects specific points in history to travel to. Exploring those areas for clues from help blocks and locals. Should he find the correct location and time, Mario returns the artifact. The process is repeated until both artifacts in a room are restored, sealing it off.

Upon returning all artifacts, Mario faces a final test before confronting Bowser. Answering three questions correctly about the visited places is crucial. Incorrect responses prompt a return to a time where the correct answers could be found. Successfully answering all questions grants access to Bowser's lair for an epic showdown.

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How to play

Controls for the game are as follows:

  • Arrow Keys: Movement
  • Space Key: Select
  • Enter Key: Start
  • "Z" Key: A
  • "X" Key: B
  • "A" Key: X
  • "S" Key: Y
  • "D" Key: L
  • "C" Key: R
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