Superstar Mario World

Superstar Mario World

Superstar Mario World offers a delightful experience as you explore seven unique worlds and over 50 levels with your favorite characters. The plot follows the typical Mario storyline, but this time, Bowser has also captured both the Yoshies and Luigi!

Gameplay Overview

Players might be surprised by the increased difficulty in the game. Each boss encounter was creatively designed and offered a unique challenge. Every world has its own theme and presents engaging obstacles for both new and experienced players. Collecting 100 coins grants you the star ability, which proves to be very useful and necessary for certain levels.

Suggestions and Spoilers!!!
  • It would be great to have a wider variety of power-ups to play with, or perhaps a separate patch that introduces additional power-ups alongside the Mushroom, Fire Flower, and Star Power.
  • The setup for the special final boss fight felt overly long and somewhat monotonous. Shortening the final battle would make it more engaging and less tiresome.
  • The special world and its stages were particularly challenging. While the intention may have been to provide a difficult experience, consider adding a separate easy mode patch to make the game more enjoyable for players who prefer a less stressful experience.

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How to play

  • [A] Button = X
  • [B] Button = Z
  • [X] Button = S
  • [Y] Button = A
  • [L] Button = Q
  • [R] Button = W
  • [START] = E
  • [SELECT] = R
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