Yoshi's Strange Quest

Yoshi's Strange Quest

Embark on a brand-new adventure with Yoshi in Yoshi's Strange Quest, a thrilling sequel to the acclaimed Mario's Strange Quest. Set in the peculiar land of Weirdonia, Yoshi's mission is to protect and transport precious dinosaur eggs through a series of bizarre challenges.

Picking up where Mario's Strange Quest left off, Yoshi and his companion decided to relocate to Weirdonia to safeguard their eggs from Bowser's relentless pursuit. However, the tranquility is short-lived as Bowser, ever determined, manages to steal Yoshi's eggs during a routine shopping trip. With Mario unavailable, Yoshi takes it upon himself to recover the stolen eggs and thwart Bowser's nefarious plans.

Yoshi's journey through Weirdonia is no ordinary quest. Expect the unexpected as you encounter bizarre gimmicks, explore strange themes, and perhaps stumble upon jelly doughnuts and pizzas along the way. The game promises a unique and entertaining experience that diverges from the typical platformer.

For those craving more exciting adventures, don't miss out on Mario's Strange Quest and Super Luigi Land. Join Yoshi in an unforgettable quest filled with surprises, challenges, and the unmistakable charm of the Mushroom Kingdom. Are you ready for Yoshi's Strange Quest? The eggs are counting on you!

How to play

  • Arrow Keys: Movement
  • Space Key: Select
  • Enter Key: Start
  • "Z" Key: A
  • "X" Key: B
  • "A" Key: X
  • "S" Key: Y
  • "D" Key: L
  • "C" Key: R
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