Super Luigi Land

Super Luigi Land

Super Luigi Land, developed in 2018, is a ROM hack inspired by the widely popular Super Mario World game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) console. Crafted by the username Choconilla, this hack features Luigi, the brother of Mario, as the protagonist. Not only does the hack change the main character's sprite, but it also alters the character's capabilities. In contrast to Mario, Luigi brings a unique approach to the game, showcasing higher jumps, straight fireball shooting, wall jumping, and more.

Super Luigi Land story:

The narrative of Super Luigi Land unfolds as Tatanga, having failed to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom. Returns to Sarasaland with the aim of seizing control, this time employing the enigmatic Mushroom Clock. Invading Daisy's castle, he captures her after confronting Luigi, who happens to be dating Daisy. Tatanga utilizes the time-manipulating watch to summon troops from various eras. Although Daisy attempts to resist, she is eventually captured.

Upon Tatanga's defeat, he destroys the Mushroom Clock, causing a rupture in time. Escaping into the rift, Tatanga transforms it into a realm of chaos. Now, Luigi and Daisy must join forces to thwart his plans. Upon conquering the two secret worlds, Mario descends in a hot air balloon. A cutscene ensues, revealing Daisy and Pauline's retribution against Mario for cheating on them with Princess Peach. Daisy then shares a kiss with Luigi and takes credit for the victory.

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How to play

Here are the instructions on how to play:

  • Initiate the game by clicking on the screen.
  • Use the arrow keys (← → ↑ ↓) for movement.
  • The A button corresponds to Z, and the B button corresponds to X.
  • The X button is associated with A, and the Y button is associated with S.
  • The L button corresponds to D, and the R button corresponds to C.
  • Press Enter to launch the game.
  • Utilize the spacebar for selection.
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