Can you guess how many secret words there are in Hangman, a word game where your goal is to find the missing word or words. Let's get the word now!

Hangman offers three levels to select from: easy, medium, and hard, each representing the varying difficulties of the hidden word. You can attempt to decipher the word by either clicking on the letters displayed on the screen or using your keyboard. Every correct guess results in a corresponding score. Successfully uncovering the word awards points based on the speed of your guess and the remaining number of attempts. A total of eight attempts are granted, symbolized by balloons, which signify the number of incorrect guesses allowed. Exceeding eight incorrect guesses leads to the end of the game. To emerge victorious and obtain trophies, accumulate the highest cumulative score after completing five rounds!

Player Tips:

Utilize vowels: Initiating with vowels can facilitate progress since there are only five, allowing you to swiftly fill in certain gaps. Dissect phrases: When tackling a phrase, segment it and examine each word instead of fixating solely on the letters.

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How to play

Selecting the letter displayed on the screen by clicking on it or inputting it via the keyboard.

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