Mario 3 Rainbow Realms

Mario 3 Rainbow Realms

Mario 3 Rainbow Realms is an exciting game that features brand new worlds with vibrant themes. It's a complete game with eight different worlds, inspired by the style and creativity of the original Super Mario Bros 3. The game is designed to be challenging yet enjoyable for players who are familiar with Super Mario Bros 3.

Each level in Mario 3 Rainbow Realms has been carefully crafted from scratch, offering a fresh experience. The levels are designed with a colorful rainbow palette, adding to the visual appeal of the game.

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How to play

In terms of controls, you can start the game by pressing the Enter key. To move Mario, you can use the arrow keys. The action buttons are mapped to the "Z," "X," "S," "D," and "C" keys. You can save your progress by pressing Shift+F2 and load your progress by pressing Shift+F4. Alternatively, you can manually save or load your game progress using the menu, which you can access by scrolling over the game window. If you wish to change the controls, you can do so by accessing the game controls menu at the bottom of the screen.

If you prefer to play in fullscreen mode, hold down the CTRL key and use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in or out.

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