Mario Golf

Mario Golf

Mario Golf is a golfing experience that seamlessly blends traditional mechanics and gameplay elements with the vibrant presentation of the Super Mario universe. Take a swing at incredible shots today!

In Mario Golf, a departure from the original, players have the freedom to craft their own character by selecting gender, portrait, name, and tweaking various stats. Subsequently, participants enter a golf tournament, pitting their skills against other players.

Mario Golf Story:

The storyline of Mario Golf unfolds as Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Plum engage in a friendly golf outing. Each golfer's name appears on the screen as they take their shots, earning praise for their impressive skills in attempting hole-in-ones. However, a humorous twist occurs when Mario discovers a ball that doesn't belong to any of them, leading to laughter and unexpected surprises.

Game play:

Gameplay in Mario Golf follows the standard "slider" mechanics found in most golf video games. Incorporating various factors that require strategic anticipation, such as character attributes, wind conditions, rain, ball spin, and course topography. Diverse game modes, including speed golf, hoops, mini golf, and costume matches, provide engaging variety. The setting sun marks the final six holes of the main course in any mode.

Noteworthy details in the gameplay include distinctive sounds for the golf ball bouncing on the green versus the fairway. Unlike later games where both terrains produce the same sound, this adds an extra layer of realism.

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How to play

For those eager to join the game, the controls are user-friendly:

  • Arrow keys for movement
  • Space to select
  • Enter to start
  • Z for 'a'
  • X for 'b'
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