Mario Party Advance

Mario Party Advance

Mario Party Advance marks the initial foray of the Mario Party series into handheld gaming, exclusively available on the GameBoy Advance. Distinguishing itself from its counterparts, this installment is primarily designed for solo play. The objective is to gather all the scattered mini-games and gadgets across Shroom City using the Browser. Players can choose from four characters: Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, or Yoshi. With 50 traditional mini-games and 61 Utilities – smaller, less intricate games with minimal interaction – Mario Party Advance promises a unique gaming experience.

Mario Party Advance's story

The storyline unfolds in Party World on an ordinary day when Toad welcomes players. Suddenly, Bowser, accompanied by Koopa Kid, crashes onto Toad, causing chaos. Bowser scatters mini-games and Gadgets throughout Shroom City. As Toad and the player embark on a journey to restore order, the adventure begins. Players commence with four Mushrooms, earning more by winning mini-games every three turns. The game concludes when Mushrooms are exhausted.

Game Modes:

Shroom City: The primary mode, hosted by Tumble, lets players control Mario, Luigi, Peach, or Yoshi. Navigate Shroom City, complete quests, and collect mini-games and Gadgets for other modes.

Play Land: Hosted by Toad and E. Gadd, this free-to-play mode allows players to enjoy earned mini-games, share them, engage with Gadgets, or Donate Utilities.

Party Land: Hosted by Toad and Toadette, this multiplayer mode offers dueling mini-games, secret battles, Koopa Kid battles, 100-player battles, or Attack 100 players.

Challenge Land: Hosted by Toadette, players can earn coins by playing mini-games. In the Land of Trials, explore Mini-Game Strikes, Game Rooms, Duels, Bow Lands, and the option to exchange coins for Gadgets.

Explore the vibrant world of Mario Party Advance and immerse yourself in the fun!

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How to play

To navigate through Mario Party Advance, familiarize yourself with these controls:

  • Z = A button
  • X = B button
  • Shift = Select
  • Enter = Start
  • Arrow keys = Movement
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