Sonic Scorched Quest

Sonic Scorched Quest

Embark on an exciting journey to explore the southern islands and uncover the mysteries surrounding the Flame Emeralds in Sonic Scorched Quest. Join Sonic as he ventures to save the endangered island from destruction. Can you aid Sonic in his quest to rescue this imperiled land?

Sonic Scorched Quest's story:

Following his triumph over Metallic Madness, Sonic decides to investigate South Island. Meanwhile, Eggman, in his pursuit of global domination, stumbles upon the Flame Emeralds. Despite his relentless attempts, Eggman fails to unlock a portal at Green Hill. Enraged, he inadvertently summons a Flame Emerald, triggering a devastating blaze on the island. Sonic arrives to find the island engulfed in flames, prompting him to embark on a daring mission to quell the inferno and save the day.

Sonic Scorched Quest's gameplay:

In Sonic Scorched Quest, players utilize Sonic's signature moves such as the Spin Jump and Spin Attack. Each level consists of three stages and a boss encounter. Stages 1 and 2 culminate in battles against Megabadnik, while Act 3 concludes with a showdown against Metal Sonic. The ultimate challenge awaits in the boss fight against the nefarious Doctor Robotnik.

Your primary objective in Sonic Scorched Quest is to guide Sonic through various obstacles while collecting golden rings scattered throughout the terrain. Rings provide additional lives and serve as a shield against enemy attacks. Losing all rings results in survival, albeit at the expense of forfeiting all accumulated rings. However, sustaining damage without any rings results in losing a life and restarting from the beginning or the last touched checkpoint. Failure to preserve lives leads to a game over. Extra lives can be obtained by collecting one hundred rings or breaking 1-Up Boxes.

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How to play

  • Activate screen: Click
  • Directional movement: ← → ↑ ↓
  • Buttons: Z= A X= B C= C
  • Additional buttons: A= X S= Y D= Z
  • Start: Enter ↵
  • Mode: Space
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