Super Wario World

Super Wario World

Join Mario on his biggest adventure yet in Super Wario World, where he is accompanied by his trusty friend, Yoshi the dinosaur. Together, they must confront Bowser, who has once again captured Princess Toadstool. Prepare to guide Mario and Yoshi through nine challenging worlds, brimming with danger, leading up to the ultimate showdown in Bowser's castle.


Embark on a thrilling journey through various levels, each packed with new monsters, traps, and obstacles. Harness Mario's newfound powers and Yoshi's insatiable appetite for gobbling up foes as you navigate treacherous terrains. Scale towering mountains, traverse rivers, and delve into mysterious underground depths. Along the way, you'll encounter seven Koopa castles that must be conquered, and keys that unlock hidden levels. Prepare for surprises, as you'll discover numerous warps and thrilling bonus worlds like never before!

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How to play

Use arrows to move. Press Enter to start and Shift to select.

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